The Election Integrity Project of Hays County (Texas) is a citizen-led, non-partisan group of Hays County voters that works and advocates for transparency and integrity within our local elections.

EIPHays is the front line for ensuring that our elections are honest and reflect the true vote of our citizens. Our work focuses on creating deliberate, informed and professional, and citizen policy advocates that are willing to participate in the securing of our election systems through their advocacy and agency.

Our goals are achieved through community education, local advocacy, and direct involvement in the election process at the polls and in Central Count.

Additionally, EIPHays promotes common sense election policies at the county commission that are intended help eliminate vulnerabilities within our election system.

We continue to work to resolve several unsettled election issues that have been present in previous Hays County elections and which remain unresolved at both local and state levels of government.

We welcome the participation and support of all Hays County voters in this monumental fight to protect your vote and and ensure every vote is counted as cast.

Our Mission