Here's what we're
working on

EIPH is working on the following initiatives, including several Common Sense approaches to existing election code that we believe make our elections more secure. EIPH takes the position that the election code should be rectified back to its original language interpretation, as it was when it was first written (note, EIP Hays takes the position that a hand count of paper ballots is the appropriate action for determining official results, as well, we strongly believe the less machines the safer our elections).

Poll & Central Count room Watcher Training

A significant part of the EIPHays mission is helping to protect our elections by recruiting citizen volunteers and providing best-in-class training for Poll Watchers, as well as Early Voting Ballot Board and Central Count Watchers.

If you would like to volunteer to be a trained election Watcher, please contact Sam Brannon to sign up for training.

Training and materials are provided free of charge, with donations accepted.

Election Code Initiatives