Welcome to the Election Integrity Project of Hays County!


We are a non-partisan group of Hays County election integrity advocates who believe that elections belong to We, The People, and that we have responsibilities in that regard.

We have been busy throughout the summer organizing our group, refining our focus, researching, planning, and preparing to engage our Hays County neighbors at our upcoming events. We are finalizing those plans now.

We want to share what we’ve learned about why election integrity matters in Hays County today, and how we plan to approach the issues going forward. There are some important steps we can take both in the near term and longer term that would help ensure every legal vote is counted as cast.

We know we’ll need at least a little help from a lot of people, and more from those willing, and we understand that your time is valuable. We’ll have many ways to join the effort to ensure that Hays County becomes a model for election integrity and transparency across Texas.

We’re advocates for election integrity and transparency. We invite you to advocate with us.

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